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With the technology available today, it is very easy and common for a driver to become distracted. Using a cell phone while driving is the leading cause of distraction for drivers.

Texting and Driving Accidents – Handheld devices are one of the leading causes of auto accidents today. In 2009 Colorado House Bill 1094 was passed that made texting and driving against the law. This law also specifically applies to drivers under the age of 18 and texting or otherwise distracted while driving. Breaking this law can result in a class A traffic infraction which will result in the violator having to pay a $50 fine.

Someone using a handheld cell phone is four times more likely to be the cause of an auto accident than someone who is completely focused on the road. It can be a very complicated and daunting undertaking to piece the victim’s life back together after an accident that involves a distracted driver.

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Distracted driving accidents in Colorado

Proving that the at-fault driver was texting and driving can be difficult but with an experienced attorney dedicated to your case, it can significantly improve your chances of a higher payout at the conclusion of the case. This could be through aggressive negotiations or a trial.

Subpoenaed telephone records or any other means of proving the driver was distracted or other otherwise impaired is an important aspect of a receiving a larger compensation for the claimant who was involved in an accident where a handheld device was used to distract the driver.