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Appellate Practice Highlights

Our Appellate Department continues to play a prominent role in shaping Colorado law across diverse areas, including constitutional, land use, tort, contract, and property law: Constitutional and Land Use law The Colorado Court of Appeals recently ruled in FGMC’s favor...

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In The News!

FGMC represents the homeowners’ association for Centennial Condominiums—an “affordable” housing complex in Aspen, Colorado.  As FGMC argues, flaws in the buildings’ decades-old design and construction have resulted in deteriorating and dangerous conditions, and deed...

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All too often the lawyers in our practice handle cases for good kids who have found themselves in trouble. Whether it be school discipline or contact with law enforcement, the best way to protect your children is to understand how the laws work in Colorado and create...

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Enough is Enough!

As lifelong Denver residents we are tired of the endless violence eroding our wonderful City of Denver. And as Denver Public School graduates, fathers of four former DPS kids, and two current DPS students, we are disgusted by the daily emergency notifications,...

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Auto Insurance 911

Whether it’s the LiMu Emu or Flo, everyone has a (least) favorite car insurance commercial that they love to hate. But how familiar are you with the products they are selling? Here are the three types of coverage everyone should carry on their cars: Bodily Injury...

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