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Q4 2018 Update

Hey You.

Happy 2019! I hope most of you were able to take off and lose track of some time before the start of the new year. It’s always nice to take a week (or more) and ignore the calendar when you can – and it’s typically an adjustment getting back on track after the holidays.

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Q3 2018 Update

The Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh
This is NOT a political post!

I can’t believe I have to put that down before my article begins, but in this day and age of the social media blitzkrieg I do feel compelled to state that just so everyone can feel a little less anxious.

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Q2 2018 update

“Root! Root! Root!” For the Client
“Did you see what my Rockies did last night?”
“How do your Broncos look this season?”
“My Nuggets are one Lebron James shy of a championship.”

Why do we refer to our local sports teams as our private possession?

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Q1 2018 update

The Importance of Humility in Legal Representation
At this point in my life and career, there are any number of things that I trust more than a person who suggests that his or her life has been easy, perfect, or without unexpected complications.

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Q4 2017 update

How Do I Do What I Do In the Era of #MeToo?
On behalf of myself and the lawyers and staff at Foster, Graham, Milstein & Calisher, LLP we hope you have had a wonderful 2017 and we wish you nothing but health, happiness and success as we enter 2018.

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Q3 2017 update

As an American I, along with others around the world, enjoy the secular New Year holiday. It’s a time to celebrate, reflect, and make resolutions to be more kind, eat less, exercise more, and generally be a better person.

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Q2 2017 update

In January 1806, John Adams wrote a letter to Benjamin Rush labeling Alexander Hamilton the “bastard brat of a Scotch peddler.” Adams was so fond of this label, in fact, that he used it at least twice more in correspondence referencing Hamilton.

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Q1 2017 update

“It’s been a FANTASTIC quarter at FGMC!!”

When we started FGMC we knew that it was essential that to be the very best law firm we absolutely had to surround ourselves with the finest attorneys and staff.

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Q4 2016 update

“Team FGMC”

Foster Graham is both a law firm, and a vibrant community of lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, women, men, law clerks and more.

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Q3 2016 update

“Why I Stand For Our National Anthem ”

This week has been replete with images, stories, memorials and Facebook post recollections regarding the horrors of 9/11/01.

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Q2 2016 update

“Good Deeds and Bad Shots…FORE ”

Several weeks ago our firm was one of the many sponsors of a golf tournament that benefits the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association.

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Q1 2016 update

“The Importance of Remembering Atticus Finch”

He enjoys the company of prostitutes. He wears outdated cheap suits with wide collared shirts unbuttoned to reveal a hirsute chest adorned in gold chain.

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