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“They’re Here….”

Did you ever see the movie “Poltergeist” from the 1980’s?  If you’re about my vintage you’ve probably seen it 20 times.  Do you remember when the tough, short-lady, played by Zelda Rubinstein, retrieved cute little Carol Anne from the house demons?  Once Carol Anne...

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FGMC Announces the Selection of Two New Partners

With an exciting start to the new year, FGMC is proud to announce the selection of two new partners to our ranks: Melanie MacWilliams-Brooks and Mallory Revel. Melanie received her law degree from Boston College Law School in 2012 and has since developed appellate and...

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New Year, New Laws

A number of new state laws and regulations—some of which are of significant interest to Colorado’s business community—went into effect on January 1, 2022. Non-Bank Mortgage Servicer Oversight With banks proactively shrinking their collective presence in the mortgage...

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