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Foster, Graham, Milstein & Calisher, LLP is excited to announce the opening of the FGMC Investigations Unit.

For years FGMC has  proudly represented many public and private companies, government agencies, and municipalities as well as hundreds of law enforcement personnel, teachers and school administrators, fire fighters, medical personnel, and numerous other professionals.  

We have been at the center of many high publicity investigations and administrative proceedings which has provided our law firm with a unique ability to understand the complexities involved in conducting investigations from the perspective of employer and employee.

Our team is bringing this rich experience to the field of investigations in employment settings.  Our Investigation Unit is available to conduct independent investigations into a variety of workplace concerns for all matters including but not limited to allegations of harassment and bullying, accidents, workplace violence, discrimination, theft, and most other matters that require a comprehensive and objective investigation.  

If your workplace, company, municipality or other entity needs efficient, thorough and dynamic investigations, please reach out to FGMC’s Investigations Unit today.