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FGMC is proud to announce the selection of new partners, Kari Jones Dulin and Raul Abad.

Kari has developed a civil litigation practice, with a focus in plaintiff’s personal injury. Kari has represented those who have been injured as a result of a motor vehicle collision, a dangerous premises, medical malpractice or any instance where an injury occurred because someone violated a duty of care. Kari believes that every client has a story to tell and there is no better place to tell that story than the courtroom.

Raul’s practice encompasses practically every aspect of commercial real estate, including development, entitlements, leasing, financing, acquisitions and dispositions.   Analyzing every transaction from all probable—and often improbable—angles enables Raul to represent his clients’ interests more effectively.

Congratulations to Kari Jones Dulin and Raul Abad ! The Firm is lucky to have such fantastic people join the partnership!