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Importance of meeting clients in person prior to accepting their case

Colorado attorney Lara Marks Baker talks about the importance of building a relationship and trust with the client, and meeting them in person prior to taking their case.

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“It’s always important, and I will never allow myself to be retained in a case for a child or for any client without having met the client. It isn’t the way we practice. I want to sit across the table and look at each other eye to eye and know that you’re comfortable with me and that I’m comfortable with the facts of the case so that I can properly defend you. I think sort of taking cases over the phone is a rare instance for me unless it’s something that I have some history with the client or I have some sense of the case already. But particularly with kids, I want them to be able to put their eyes on me and feel like we’ve got a rapport before I kind of march off down the path with their lives in my hands.”